I Don’t Want to Try Some

This happened a few months ago. Our youngest, I’ll call him Farley, was trying new foods. He was an old hand at rice cereal and oatmeal. Loved them, actually. All of us were at dinner, enjoying this incredibly good caramel sauce that DH made. Farley banged on the high chair as if to say, “Give me some!” Somewhat health conscious mom that I am, (right…caramel sauce at dinner?) I decided to introduce him to the world of green veggies. I busted out the pureed green beans and started feeding it to him. He made a scrunched up face, but continued to open his mouth. My oldest daughter, E, said, “Does he like it?” Honest to gosh, at exactly that moment he projectile vomited every drop of green bean puree. I said, “I guess not.” Nonplussed, my youngest daughter said in her stilted voice, “Can I try some?” We all laughed. Silly girl. So she tasted it, and politely pushed the cup of beans away from her and said, “I don’t want to try some.” Pass the caramel sauce.

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