Naming Your Food

Speaking of “toast points”, my sisters often tease me about naming my food. Again, I must credit that Cooking for Two cookbook. It’s a fantastic idea. When the kids are clamoring, “What’s for dinner?” a detailed menu often stuns them into helping set the table. Okay, maybe not the helping out part. “Eggs del Monaco with Toast Points and Steamed Green Beans with a Butter Glaze”. No more whines of what’s for dinner. Maybe a question or two like, what’s a toast point?, but all of a sudden, dinner is an official event. Should we get out the china? My daughter asks. Who’s coming over? My oldest son demands. Is it someone’s birthday? I don’t answer them, just direct the traffic. Get out the forks. Put the glasses around. Here, put the salad on the table. (I LOVE BAGGED SALAD.)

Here are some pointers so that you too, can name your food and impress yourself or your family. What’s a common meal? Macaroni and Cheese? Try this: Italian Pasta with Creamy Cheese Sauce. Oh yeah. Now you get the idea, don’t you? Here’s another: Hamburger Helper, stroganoff flavor. Try, Slavic Beef with Sour Cream and Mushroom Glaze over Egg Noodles. Maybe you like to bring home those boxed meals that all you have to do is bake: Home-Baked Chicken Casserole and French Green Beans. (Just get the French cut cans.) See, you can do it too. Enjoy.

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