Eating Out with Friends

On Friday, I had the opportunity to have lunch with a good friend.

Food is the great gatherer. We laughed and almost cried and talked and talked and ate delicious food.

I love how eating together brings people closer. Food is truly the one thing that all people have in common. She ordered the shrimp ravioli, which I should have ordered. I realized that as soon as they put her bowl in front of her. I was careful to hide my longing gaze. My Steak Sizzlini was also good; I love steak, and this steak was incredibly tender and tantalizing. I also love the peppers, which must have been marinated in a vinaigrette. It was a delicious meal.

I caved in and had Coke with lemon; my absolute favorite drink of all time.

So, we discussed favorite books, and religion, and our children with Special Needs, and how we met our husbands. She occasionally checked her watch, because we both had appointments to keep after lunch. We had so much fun talking that we went from “Oh, we’re fine with time.” to , “Oh my gosh, we have to leave!”

We boxed up our respective leftovers, slurped the last of the Coke from straws and hugged goodbye.

Thank you, Friend, for a lovely lunch. I can hardly wait to do it again. Next time I’m getting the shrimp ravioli.

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