Hoarding Food

During the dark days of a serious chocolate craving, I am known to stash candy bars in odd places. The bathroom closet. My top dresser drawer. The First Aid cupboard. In the middle of a serious parenting moment, one of those moments where it is necessary to get away before violence ensues, I will run to my contraband, close the door behind me, and eat my chocolate with eyes rolling back in my head. That just sounds really sick when I look back at what I wrote. Anyway, I’m currently okay. No serious cravings occurring, and a good thing, because the only chocolate we have in the house is the little cups of pudding for the kids’ lunches. Oh, believe me, I’m not turning my nose up at them, but I’ll trade the momentary pleasure of their chocolatey goodness for having a treat to stuff in the lunch sacks.

But I will share with you my top five food weaknesses.

Coca Cola, especially straight from the fountain with a couple lemon wedges


Doctor Pepper

York Peppermint Patties

Entenmann’s Chocolate Covered Cake Donuts

I haven’t yet, but I would bet a stack of pudding cups against your Snickers that I could eat an entire box of them. Dreamy.

3 thoughts on “Hoarding Food

  1. You mentioning the fountain drinks reminds me of my drink of choice, a large diet coke with a shot of vanilla syrup at steak and shake.

  2. ooh love steak n shake vanilla cokes…

    I will see your pudding stack, and raise you a handful of peanut butter and strawberry m&m’s that I too, in a single sitting, could eat a box of those doughnuts!

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