Kielbasa and Lentils

My family likes to tease me about certain meals that I make. I happen to love lentils. The first time I had them, I made them for my husband and oldest child when he was one. I got the recipe out of a cookbook that was constructed much like a coloring book, paperback with newsprint pages. But it was a gift to me, and darn if I didn’t use those recipes all the time. Anyway, I haven’t had lentils in years, and I found a bag in my pantry last week. And I had my new cookbook, Menus for  Whole Year of Dinners, AND I had Kielbasa in the fridge. Sometimes, the planets align and a meal is meant to be. So, I made my Kielbasa and Lentils, had plenty of carrots in it, some onion, some spices, some major deliciousness and I was sucking this soup down. Then my family starts in. “Where did you get the lentils, mom?” Before I could answer, DH says, “Lentils R Us.” It just spiraled out of control from there. “Lentils ‘N’ Things”. “Lentil Barrel”. “Old Country Lentils”. “Best Lentils”. “Lentil City”. “Hobby Lentils”. Do you see what I have to put up with? So we’re out of lentils. I’m going to Lentil-Mart and buy me some more lentils.

4 thoughts on “Kielbasa and Lentils

  1. Oh, you should travel with me to eastern Washington (the state, not DC…) and go to the Lentil Festival! It is the best! AND there is a HUUUUGE pot (that is seriously as tall as my current house) full of lentil chili, and there is a spigot at the bottom where you go up and get your bowl filled. It’s all free, once a year. The best.

    • Hmmm. Somehow that doesn’t seem QUITE as appealing. A spigot, huh? Gigantic water tower full of lentils; that’s a lot of lentils.

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