New Wave in Cooking Technology

We bought a Nuwave oven. We actually researched it and everything, then found the best deal in town and went and bought it. It’s a behemoth to keep on your kitchen counter. It doesn’t actually cook faster than a conventional oven, except for smaller portions, because you don’t have to preheat, which is super annoying, IMO.

What I really love about it, is that DH cooked dinner the other night, and it was great. I wandered aimlessly around the kitchen because there wasn’t anything for me to do. Then I sat down to eat, had a delicious barbecue chicken meal with mashed potatoes, and I hadn’t touched any of the food beforehand.

So the moral of the story is, DH enjoys the new cooking gadget, so I don’t have to.

The end.

2 thoughts on “New Wave in Cooking Technology

  1. You have stumbled upon the long held mysterious secret that if you can make a gadget for it, a man will become interested in using it. I plan on making millions once I perfect the combo sock sorter and laundry folder.

    • Gadgets. Of course…that explains the scones and the french fries and the hot wings…all utilizing the deep fryer. Pancakes and French toast: the griddle. Shakes and smoothies: the blender. Eureka! Thank you for the clarity.

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