It’s Been Awhile

Last week I made Macaroni Meat Bake. I boiled egg noodles, because I didn’t have elbow macaroni; I used Aldi brand luncheon meat instead of Spam, and used a can of cream of celery, because I didn’t have Campbell’s Cheddar cheese soup. Can I even call it the same thing since I substituted a bunch of ingredients? I wish I could tell you it tasted great, or that it tasted terrible, or that my family loved it. But this is what happened.

I had a guest. From Mongolia. I mean, she didn’t just get here from Mongolia, it was a roundabout way, and it’s a long story that I’m not going into, but she was here, and folding my laundry, and I was cooking supper. It was going to be a busy evening, because E had a concert, and my Mongolian guest, I’ll call her Alice, was getting a ride somewhere, and the boys, Dale and Bob, had a party to go to. So I made the Egg Noodle Speat Bake, put it in the oven, and it was done right on time. So, DH was home, and I was planning my evening around shuttling Alice to where she needed to go. Thankfully, she had given me some “Hoe-schoor” to eat. I don’t know how to spell it or anything, but it was very tasty. Ground beef and cabbage and onion in a kind of pita-like bread dumpling. So Alice and I went our merry way. I showed up late to E’s concert, found DH, found a good friend dandling Tori on her knee, and Farley was oh so happy to see me too. I asked DH if he enjoyed supper. He said everybody just kind of fended for themselves. Hmm. Lovely concert, horrible weather outside. Horrible for driving, of which I had a bunch more to do. I had to pick up the boys and a treat and get gas et cetera. Finally got home.  The next morning, I asked E if she told Dad about supper. She said, I told him you made it, but I didn’t know where it was!” So I opened up the oven, and there was the Egg Noodle Speat Bake, untouched, unpreserved.  Did I mention how good the Mongolian Dumplings were?

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