String Along Beans

Aldi has changed a lot over the years. DH and I started shopping there when Dale was just a baby. We bought two weeks worth of groceries for $75. I am not making that up. We drank reconstituted dry milk, and ate a lot of recipes calling for ground turkey and stewed tomatoes. The only kind of green beans they sold were the canned kind. Which are fine. I love green beans, period. But nowadays, Aldi has frozen fresh string beans, and I adore them. I like to steam them in my steamer, and then lightly salt and butter them. Yummy! They remind me of the string beans I get at King’s Buffet. King’s Buffet has a lot of seafood, but their green beans are the best. It could be that they are swimming in butter, but they happen to have been steamed to perfection. I grew up on the canned green bean, which is pretty much overcooked. The first time I tasted a crisp-tender string bean from King’s Buffet, I was hooked. Now I can have them anytime, thanks to Aldi’s expanding inventory. Go green!

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