Julie, Julia and V1ct0r1a

My Other Mother loaned me the book, My Life in France. Shortly after that, I watched Julie and Julia. I had no idea that blogging about food was not my original idea. Bummer! But anyway, what a fun read, and a fun movie. My extent of familiarity with Julia Child was occasionally seeing it on daytime television in black and white, and therefore, not interesting to my young eyes. My Life in France is so well-written, I feel I have a much better handle on who Julia was as a person.

Learning that the movie was based on ‘two true stories’ really made it more fun. So here is the link to the Julia/Julia Project. I will warn you; her language is profane in some parts. But I appreciated where the Julie was coming from. An unappreciated writer; you don’t feel like a writer unless you’ve had something published. And even if you have had something published, (see here), if it wasn’t published recently, than it feels like you’re back at square one. So I admire Julie’s spunk in creating her blog, using the food and the keyboard to unwind from her crappy job. I salute her for making it into a book and a movie (could I be so lucky?).

And I slink back to my piddly essays on candy bars and cooking fish. But that is okay. Because I don’t think I want to publish a cookbook or a cooking book or even a cooking movie. This is my training ground for discipline, so that I can get to work on the books I do want to publish someday. Now snap to it!

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