Junk Food

I think more than one of my posts has featured junk food. The boys had a rockin’ Halo party last night, and here was the featured menu:

Barbecue potato chips contributed by a guest

Better Than Sex Cake contributed by a guest (Dale diplomatically called it Better than Playing Video Games Cake)

Flamin’ Hot Cheetohs

Fritos  Honey BBQ Flavor Twists

Fanta Grape

Fanta Strawberry


Tacos @ Midnight Doritos

Little Debi Coffee Cakes

Little Debi Honey Buns

Little Debi Fudge Brownies

Pop T*rts

Frozen cheese and pepperoni pizzas

What I thought was funny was how after a round of Halo, all of these boys swarmed the kitchen as if they had played a period of NHL. Loud, sweaty, hungry…and people say video games aren’t athletic.  BTW, we have plenty of Pop T*rts left.

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