Quick Dinner

Okay, I know I was bragging about how wonderful emealz is. But there is one problem with emealz. There isn’t a contingency plan for when you’ve stayed up past your bedtime, awoke at 2:30am to feed Farley, then tried, in vain, to take a nap in the afternoon instead of cooking. So you get up from your aborted nap, change the poopy diaper, clean up the syrup that was dumped onto the counter and defrocked Farley, whose shirt was sticky, and realize that DH will be home in fifteen minutes. Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch; DH isn’t the kind of guy that demands supper on the table right when he walks in the door. Far from it, but that’s a tale for another blog. However, I LIKE having dinner ready right when he gets home. I’m usually pretty hungry, and so are the kids. And it looks like I’ve been working all day, instead of sitting on my babushka reading Super Freakonomics.

So I love having a jar of spaghetti sauce in the pantry and a box of Cheese-Topped Texas Toast in the freezer. (Thank you ALDI!) We also have leftover salad. Ta Da! A little side note about salad. As you may have divined from my previous posts, I have a little problem with junk food addiction. (I can stop anytime.) But lately salad has sounded really good, and not only a nice leafy green salad with tomato chunks, but I have rediscovered that it tastes really good with just salt and pepper. No dressing. Finally, something approaching nutritious that I can’t get enough of.

Happy Eating!

3 thoughts on “Quick Dinner

  1. mmm… the garlic toast is sounding really good to me. we are having bbq chicken, french bread, and rice and california blend veggies. The french bread is a tube from Pilsbury, that I just unrolled and baked…Im hoping its yum!

    sorry about your lack of nap. Maybe I can come take Farley to the gym with me and the kids tomorrow, and you can nap?? will he come with me?

  2. One of my favorite salads is a bowl of 2 cups chopped romaine, some carrots and red cabbage with a dressing consisting of a two-second shot of extra virgin olive oil cooking spray followed by a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (1/2 tbsp). The addition of some cherry tomatoes or chopped whole tomatoes and sliced red onion make it perfect.

  3. I would probably eat salad a lot more often if I had fresh red cabbage and red onions in the fridge. I love those two vegetables. So Daryl, when are you going to have a food blog? ‘Cause I think you’re probably a better cook than I. hee hee

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