Biddies and Cooking Mistakes

I had a lovely evening with friends last night, some of them I might refer to as ‘old biddies’, but they weren’t that old. I was sitting at a table with these ladies who are old enough to be my grandmas, and we started talking about cooking. You know my ears perked up when they said, “Lard.” Then they talked about how ‘we’ don’t cook with it anymore. They seemed to have this wistful expression when they talked about it. I told them you can still buy it at the grocery store, and some seemed surprised. None of them said they were going out right after dinner to pick it up though. It occurred to me they might enjoy hearing a story from when I was a newly wed. I decided to make DH some fried chicken. I knew it takes an hour to bake chicken, so I thought I had to fry it that long too. They laughed and laughed. Silly newlywed! Silly girl who doesn’t know how to cook! That was fun. Then they spoke of measuring for recipes. One lady said her grandmother had a recipe for vinegar pie. She tried it out, but it didn’t set, so she called her grandmother who said, ‘Oh that’s right…I forgot-that recipe is wrong so every time I make it I adjust the measurement’. Another lady said her grandmom used the word ‘gallomp’ (?) for a measurement. I was on the edge of my seat. What other old world knowledge would I glean from these esteemed women? The woman to my right said she controls her portions; leaves a space on her plate for dessert and only has one helping. She’s clearly not from the South. To be honest, I was disappointed. I didn’t want to hear advice about portion control. I wanted some recipes calling for LARD. Oh well. I’m gonna go get myself a gallomp of vinegar pie.

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