Mama Hates Shortenin’ Bread

Now’s your chance to add your two cents. Which do you prefer when baking? You all should know me by now; I use whatever I have on hand, so if I’m down to my last stick of butter, I’ll use shortening. If I have margarine out the whazoo, I use margarine. When I’m feeling healthy, I’ll use applesauce, which is a pretty dang good substitute in most cases. Maybe not cookies so much, but cupcakes, definitely.

It’s kind of like, do you prefer heart disease or cancer? Butter=cholestorel, margarine=weird toxins.

I don’t bake often. It’s too complicated. But I love people who are great bakers. A friend made these brownie things the other night that had a layer of chocolate chip cookie on top and then chocolate drizzled on top of that. O. M. Gee. I had one and booked it out of her house before I embarrassed myself with longing looks at the plate of dessert.

One of my best friends of all time also happens to be a great baker. Coincidence. Anyway, she made these incredible sugar cookies every Halloween with some orange frosting and chocolate chips to make a Jack O Lantern face.  I made a pig out of myself every Halloween. She moved to Utah, so maybe I’ll lose weight.

My sisters are also wonderful bakers. I missed the baking gene when they were handing them out. I was probably oogling over the invention of Hostess Twinkies.

Now, I just pulled some sugar cookies out of the oven. Don’t get excited; they’re from a mix, and I used shortening. Normally I wouldn’t notice the difference, BUT I just made some on Monday night when I had plenty of butter. Wow…gag. At least now I know that I prefer sugar cookies made with butter.

3 thoughts on “Mama Hates Shortenin’ Bread

  1. Are you really taking a poll? Ok, well, then, here ya go:
    I don’t buy anything but butter, so I don’t use the others at all. When last tested for life insurance, my husband’s cholesterol was too low (huh?) and mine was spot on, and we eat LOTS of butter. Really (imagine Payge here with stick in mouth…but that was gross.).

    • I love you forever, Jillian. Butter is so very yummy; I like to eat it huge chunks of it on bread or crackers. The bread and crackers are really just an excuse to eat the butter.

  2. I will tell you my secret for yummy chocolate chip cookies. Butter Crisco. Try it, you’ll never use anything else. 🙂

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