My Freezer, My Friend

We bought a gigantic ham for Easter. It was so yummy. And there was a ton of it left over. We ate a lot of the leftovers on sandwiches and in a casserole, but I froze the broth/juices and ham hock.

We were at the end of our groceries on Thursday. (Payday is Thursday.) You know how it is. The cupboard has remnants of Raisin Bran, some cans of sweet potatoes and an empty box of rice. The freezer has small bags of nuts, empty ice cube trays, and the bowl for my ice cream maker. And my freezer bag full of ham! I diced potatoes and carrots and put it in the pot with the ham hock. We had a delicious soup Thursday night. I was making up for the fact that we totally had Pizza Hut pizza the night before.  But I’m back into the swing of cooking.  I’ll post about Sweet Potato hash next time. BTW, I didn’t even consider using the canned sweet potatoes, but I should have.

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