Steak Fajitas From Heaven

I prepared steaks a la Alton Brown, and yes, they were SCRUMPTIOUS. But I made a bunch of steak; it was Mother’s Day and DH wanted to make sure we had enough for my hearty appetite. So we had lots of leftover steak, and it was perfectly medium rare. And I had flour tortillas and a green pepper and a yellow pepper, onions and sour cream and cheese in the fridge.

So last night we had fajitas. I fried the vegetables in the same skillet that I cooked the steak in the night before. They got nice and carmelized in leftover steak juice, then I put the steak in, which I had cut into strips. Each piece was beautifully rare in the middle, so I knew it wouldn’t overcook in the skillet.

I was a good girl, and used plain yogurt in place of sour cream and did not add any cheese, or even any salsa. Not that salsa is bad, but we didn’t have any. Easily, the best fajita I’ve ever eaten, including restaurant fajitas.

I am happy to introduce my fajitas from heaven with a photograph taken with my new Mother’s Day camera. It’s not an SLR or anything, but after having a camera famine for about a year, it’s fantastic.

Sizzling in the cast iron skillet

Curried Lentils

This recipe is courtesy a friend by way of The Nourishing Gourmet. I diligently sprouted the lentils. I made the yogurt cucumber sauce. I made the garlic cilantro and ginger sauce.

My family doesn’t really like lentils all that much, but my pickiest eater did, in fact, eat some. Maybe it’s because they looked kind of gross, all sprouted like they were. Shiver. The house smelled like curry pretty strongly, but the flavor wasn’t very strong because my spices are so dang old. That is actually not a bad thing, because DH hates curry. Too bad, because it is one of my favorite spices. I think I hear Farley at the table eating leftovers, BRB…

So, Farley was pouring the lentils into the yogurt cucumber sauce. He looked up at me and said, “Mess.” Smart kid.

I had, like, five helpings. The cilantro garlic and ginger sauce is SO GOOD that I am tempted to eat the leftovers right now with a spoon. I probably could have put the whole Anaheim pepper in it. I didn’t think it was that spicy. If you try this though, you should triple the garlic/cilantro/ginger sauce. There is just not enough if everyone loves it.

All in all, it was a delicious meal, took a few days of anticipation, and now it’s over. I have some serious garlic breath and my house smells. Plus, everyone is talking about going out for shakes from McDonalds.  I can tell when my family is not excited by a meal.

I’m not concerned about them, however. We have Salisbury steak in the freezer, and a couple frozen pizzas and a pack of hot dogs. Guess I’m off the hook for cooking the rest of the week.

Mexican Salad

Another SIL sent a recipe. This was so delish, but when I used leftovers for an omelet this morning, mmm, not so much.

3 cups of fresh or thawed frozen corn

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained

3 tomatoes, diced

1 or 2 peppers, like green and red for example

cilantro to taste

salt and pepper to taste

juice from one lime

garlic clove, minced

little olive oil

You just mix it all together and serve with tortillas or tortilla chips. Because I adore avocados, I cut a perfectly ripe avocado and added that. Divine! I preferred it with chips over the flour tortillas. DH said he was considering eating it with a spoon. Plus, he and Dale added cheese and sour cream, thus negating any healthful benefits. Not that cheese and sour cream are unhealthy by any means, my SIL can’t do the dairy thing.

Next post: Curried Lentils

Sweet Potato Hash

My SIL sent a family email with a recipe attached. Bonus!

So I made a special grocery trip, just so I could get the ingredients for this recipe. I bought sweet potatoes, not the canned kind. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I’ve never actually purchased sweet potatoes in the raw before. When I was peeling them, I discovered their texture to be reminiscent of eggplant. Kind of corky. They cooked up great in the microwave. To the softened sweet potatoes I added SIL’s ingredients: onions, zucchini, summer squash, jalapeño, pepper (recipe called for green and red, but I compromised with an orange one. I know…the sweet potato was orange…to0 much orange…whatever.) fresh cilantro and Italian parsley and spices…chili powder, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper. Very easy to make, just a lot of vegetable chopping. I used Rachel Ray’s “trash bowl” concept for easy clean-up.

Verdict: It was very tasty. However, DH and I are pretty carb and meat addicted, so even after like, four helpings, I still felt hungry. I needed some steak or some melted cheese or something, and salty chips. But I felt really healthy eating it, other than the four servings part.

Tonight I will be soaking lentils for a Curried Lentils recipe that I want to try making myself. I ate it last week; a lady at church made it and it was HEAVENLY. She sprouted the lentils though, which I have never done. So the sprouting will be tomorrow night. Tomorrow night’s supper is a recipe from another SIL. (I have seven SILs). Mexican Salad. I’m psyched about it, because it uses lime juice and black beans, among other things. YUM.

I’m most excited about the curried lentils, because you make this Garlic Cilantro Ginger sauce to go on it, and that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Okay, Tori is pestering me for a bath, so I must go now.