Steak Fajitas From Heaven

I prepared steaks a la Alton Brown, and yes, they were SCRUMPTIOUS. But I made a bunch of steak; it was Mother’s Day and DH wanted to make sure we had enough for my hearty appetite. So we had lots of leftover steak, and it was perfectly medium rare. And I had flour tortillas and a green pepper and a yellow pepper, onions and sour cream and cheese in the fridge.

So last night we had fajitas. I fried the vegetables in the same skillet that I cooked the steak in the night before. They got nice and carmelized in leftover steak juice, then I put the steak in, which I had cut into strips. Each piece was beautifully rare in the middle, so I knew it wouldn’t overcook in the skillet.

I was a good girl, and used plain yogurt in place of sour cream and did not add any cheese, or even any salsa. Not that salsa is bad, but we didn’t have any. Easily, the best fajita I’ve ever eaten, including restaurant fajitas.

I am happy to introduce my fajitas from heaven with a photograph taken with my new Mother’s Day camera. It’s not an SLR or anything, but after having a camera famine for about a year, it’s fantastic.

Sizzling in the cast iron skillet

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