The Grover Super Stop

In the interest of privacy, I have renamed the store. This is a new convenience store in my neighbor hood that I love. They have all of your typical convenience items, such as milk, scotch tape, pop, ice cream and so on. But they must have done some market research and decided there was a need for a wide variety and availability of Indian food. So you can get frozen Naan bread, naan bread pizzas, and literally a TON of other unpronounceable food items in the Indian grocery section. We’re talking beans, noodles, rices, canned (fruit?) and so on. I am slowly working my way through the snack foods. I also have a fondness for the Masala flavored ‘ramen’ noodles that you can buy for .49.

They also carry all of the candy bars you might find at any other grocery store. We love our Super Stop.

Oatmeal and Chana Dal: Let’s Throw A Party!

So I was working really hard to clean my room in preparation for my unmitigated gall (bladder surgery), and I came downstairs to get the dustpan. The kids were playing on the steps with some unprepared quick oats. I looked at Farley, and he threw up a handful just like confetti. I proceeded back upstairs.

It was fun to hear Bob shout up to me, “They dumped out the oatmeal!” And I shouted back, “I know!”. I heard him say, “Okay.”

Before you get all huffy about letting kids play in messes, I did eventually make my way back to the steps to vacuum.

Not long after, I heard Farley pushing one of the kitchen chairs around downstairs. I knew this meant trouble. So I ran downstairs, and caught him grabbing my bag of hot ‘n spicy Chana Dal.

Chana Dal is kind of like a cross between lentils and corn. I guess it’s like a grain. We have this new convenience store in the neighborhood, and they sell a ton of Indian food. I grabbed the hot ‘n spicy Chana Dal because I love a good salty snack. It is very tasty, and packed with protein.

So he grabbed it from the bottom, and I got there in time to witness almost the entire contents spill onto the kitchen floor. @#$%! I patiently swept it up, and then he grabbed a handful and threw it like confetti.

In case you’re wondering, no my room is not clean yet, and neither is the kitchen.


Took the kids to GFS a couple weeks ago to check out the bulk food. I couldn’t see buying the really big cans of food, because while we need more than one normal size can of green beans or corn for a meal, we certainly don’t need the #10 can. However, it was a great deal to buy the frozen sausage patties and the big bag of English muffins. We also bought a big block of butter and the big bag of chicken nuggets and chicken tenderloins. Plus, they were having samples that day, so the kids were happy. I would say it was a successful trip, particularly considering that the tenderloins lasted two weeks, as did the butter. The nuggets were gone in one week, and so were the crackers. The English muffins were gone in about three days. I think I want to continue buying groceries there, but we still need to get a lot of items from Aldi. There are a few things that are comparable to Aldi; I just need to buy in greater quantity. So that was our trip to GFS. It is time to get groceries again, but I am putting off making a list. Part of my problem is that I would like to try and change my family’s eating habits. This begins at the grocery. But the food needs to last for six days, and must include snacky type food for the masses. Wish me luck.