Took the kids to GFS a couple weeks ago to check out the bulk food. I couldn’t see buying the really big cans of food, because while we need more than one normal size can of green beans or corn for a meal, we certainly don’t need the #10 can. However, it was a great deal to buy the frozen sausage patties and the big bag of English muffins. We also bought a big block of butter and the big bag of chicken nuggets and chicken tenderloins. Plus, they were having samples that day, so the kids were happy. I would say it was a successful trip, particularly considering that the tenderloins lasted two weeks, as did the butter. The nuggets were gone in one week, and so were the crackers. The English muffins were gone in about three days. I think I want to continue buying groceries there, but we still need to get a lot of items from Aldi. There are a few things that are comparable to Aldi; I just need to buy in greater quantity. So that was our trip to GFS. It is time to get groceries again, but I am putting off making a list. Part of my problem is that I would like to try and change my family’s eating habits. This begins at the grocery. But the food needs to last for six days, and must include snacky type food for the masses. Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “GFS

    • More vegetables and fiber, less junk. Summer is hard; there is lots of snacking going on, mostly chips or cookies or granola bars (not the healthy kind).

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