Oatmeal and Chana Dal: Let’s Throw A Party!

So I was working really hard to clean my room in preparation for my unmitigated gall (bladder surgery), and I came downstairs to get the dustpan. The kids were playing on the steps with some unprepared quick oats. I looked at Farley, and he threw up a handful just like confetti. I proceeded back upstairs.

It was fun to hear Bob shout up to me, “They dumped out the oatmeal!” And I shouted back, “I know!”. I heard him say, “Okay.”

Before you get all huffy about letting kids play in messes, I did eventually make my way back to the steps to vacuum.

Not long after, I heard Farley pushing one of the kitchen chairs around downstairs. I knew this meant trouble. So I ran downstairs, and caught him grabbing my bag of hot ‘n spicy Chana Dal.

Chana Dal is kind of like a cross between lentils and corn. I guess it’s like a grain. We have this new convenience store in the neighborhood, and they sell a ton of Indian food. I grabbed the hot ‘n spicy Chana Dal because I love a good salty snack. It is very tasty, and packed with protein.

So he grabbed it from the bottom, and I got there in time to witness almost the entire contents spill onto the kitchen floor. @#$%! I patiently swept it up, and then he grabbed a handful and threw it like confetti.

In case you’re wondering, no my room is not clean yet, and neither is the kitchen.

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