The Grover Super Stop

In the interest of privacy, I have renamed the store. This is a new convenience store in my neighbor hood that I love. They have all of your typical convenience items, such as milk, scotch tape, pop, ice cream and so on. But they must have done some market research and decided there was a need for a wide variety and availability of Indian food. So you can get frozen Naan bread, naan bread pizzas, and literally a TON of other unpronounceable food items in the Indian grocery section. We’re talking beans, noodles, rices, canned (fruit?) and so on. I am slowly working my way through the snack foods. I also have a fondness for the Masala flavored ‘ramen’ noodles that you can buy for .49.

They also carry all of the candy bars you might find at any other grocery store. We love our Super Stop.

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