Roast Chicken

Every single time I cook a bird in the Nuwave oven, it turns out beautifully. Also, it’s delicious. Sometimes I remember to put aromatics in the cavity, such as an apple, a cinnamon stick and half an onion. Otherwise, traditional sides round out the meal. Stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed green beans and so on. I’m actually starving as I write this. Currently, I’m reheating a frozen meatloaf in the Nuwave; not sure if it’s going to work or not, but at this point I don’t care. So…hungry…must…eat…

When the gauge reads 180 and the juices run clear, time to chow.

More Gifts of Food

I took photos of a beautiful meal that was brought to our house. Enjoy.

Salad, fruit salad, angel food cake, crescent rolls, and Chicken Monte Carlo.

A Review of the Food in “Amelie”

Yes, it’s a French film. No I’m not a devotee of French, or even foreign films for that matter. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about the food in Amelie. The scene that will not leave my head is her plate of what appears to be macaroni, and she has just hand-shredded a bunch of parmesan on it. Oh please can I have some? Pretty please?

The fresh produce, the fresh bread, even all of the cigarettes look tasty. This is a problem, because I know for a fact that cigarettes are not tasty. I tried a bowl full of ashes when I was little, so I know whereof I speak. Hey, I just figured out why I enjoy most any food. Anyways, the French make drinking coffee and port and brandy look so trendy, don’t they? I just got thirsty for juice, thankfully.

Part of my problem could be the fact that I don’t know what I’m going to be able to eat. You can only stand so much applesauce and Ramen noodles. Back to the food in the film. There is a scene where there is a shot of this sandwich; I don’t know what’s in the middle of the sandwich, but they’re broiling it over an open flame, and there are two fried eggs on top of it. The eggs appear to be sunny-side up, and the edges are cooking up so nice; there might even be some cheese on that sandwich. Yummy. Well, I can’t think of any other specific shots of food, which makes this a lame post, but I’m hungry and scared of eating at the same time. Watching other people eat is safe though. Besides the obvious, (Julie and Julia) what are some other movies that portray food in a positive light?

My Out of Dinner Experience

So, I’m recovering from GB surgery; it’s great fun. A shout-out to my two visiting teachers who have brought meals to my starving family. Sister R brought three, count them, three Papa Murphy’s pizzas and a huge tray of fresh fruit. We’ll ┬ábe swimming in pizza for days, which is a wonderful thing. Tonight, Sister H brought Enchiladas, rolls, salad, watermelon. I wanted to share my Out of Dinner experience with you.

I’m recuperating upstairs, and the sound carries pretty well from the kitchen to my room, hard-wood floors you know, and I just lay up here and listened. I heard happiness, chit-chat, murmuring, the mingling of my man-boys deep voices with the lighter lilt of my girls’ voices. I heard dishes passing and silverware clinking. It was lovely. I love my little family, (okay, five kids might not be considered little to some of you). It just made me happy to hear everyone sitting down to eat together. Then I got really happy when E brought me a plate of Enchilada, roll and watermelon. YUM. Note to self; get recipe for enchiladas from Sister H. So that’s my religious experience for the day. Love.

Roast Chicken and Potato Extravaganza

I’m waiting for the potatoes. Has anyone tried this? I minced up the potatoes in my ┬ámini-chopper, but I only had four dinky ones, so I added a minced up sweet potato too. I also added onion and garlic…My plan is to mash them and add salt and butter; I hope it works. Meanwhile my roast chicken is done and resting peacefully in the Nuwave. And I baked chocolate chip cookie bars. Since Farley dumped out ANOTHER box of oatmeal this morning, and tracked it around the house, I added crushed bran flakes instead. Walnuts too. And butterscotch chips. Should be a good dinner tonight. I’ll let you know.

Nu Way to Eat

What I really wanted was chicken on the grill, but I was hungry, and I confess to being an ignoramus when it comes to charcoal. So rather than wait for DH to come home and flutter my eyelashes at him to start the grill, I put the fresh chicken breasts on the Nuwave oven rack. I’ve posted about the Nuwave before. Tonight, I accidentally spilled too much lemon-pepper seasoning on the chicken. No matter; I sliced a bunch of zucchini and a sweet potato and piled them under the chicken to cook. Then I boiled corn on the cob. Mmm-mm. I am so good! The food was great. DH raved about the seasoning, and I told him I spilled it. He said he guesses he likes a lot of lemon-pepper. It was filling. I was feeling guilty about having two helpings, then later I realized…it was all vegetables and some lean chicken…so what! If I had to worry about my sodium or blood pressure, sure, but since I don’t, it was lovely. We went to the grocery today, and for less than 100 bucks I came home with fresh poultry, fresh beef, peaches, plums, strawberries, grapes, cabbage, zucchini, sweet potatoes, celery, bread, honey, chocolate chips (MUST have in my pantry) and cereal and milk. I was feeling pretty awesome about my cart contents. Have you ever been smug at the grocery? You know, peek in other people’s carts and think, “My word, somebody must be going on a bender this weekend,” or “No wonder 75% of American kids are obese with Doritos, Pepsi and Twinkies in that cart” and so on. The worst is when someone else has a way healthier cart than you. Celery, peppers, broccoli, apples, a baguette, skim milk or worse, soy milk. Then you just want to make excuses and get in another shopping lane. “Don’t look at my food. These candy bars are for someone else. I know I have a big butt, don’t judge my choice in packaged cookies et cetera” It’s best not to judge, lest you get judged. You never know when you have to do the shopping for the PTO’s bake sale or something. For now, I am pleased with our healthy choices. Tune in in about four days when all the fruit is gone and I’m out of supper ideas. I’m sure I’ll have some choice things to write then.

Spinach Stuffed Rigatoni, Pierogis and Tomatoes

Dale accused me of becoming a Vegan, just because we had a meatless meal. If you know me, you know I love my steak too much to become a vegetarian, let alone a Vegan…I also love eggs and cheese and yogurt et cetera. Anyway, I raided the freezer for dinner last night. Frozen stuffed pastas are wonderful to fix, because they only take a few minutes to cook, and dinner is ready.

Pasta tossed in a tasty olive oil and Italian seasoning mix.

Aldi had this in their freezer section: Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Rigatoni noodles, which were Spinach rigatoni. So, they were a beautiful green color, and the insides were a tasty cheesy mix with Spinach. DH said he couldn’t even taste the spinach, it was so good. ha ha.

And because I wasn’t sure if there would be enough rigatoni for everybody, I added the Pierogis to the boiling water as well. So the meal was colorful and filling. I added the sliced tomatoes for a splash of color. Observe.


Cooking During A Power Outage

Our part of the country had some great storms, one of which resulted in three days of no power for us. That also means no water, btw. Which sucks. But I digress. With a lighter and a gas stove, I can still cook. And with food thawing by the minute in the freezer, I have the wherewithal too. Our first meal was some leftover Chicken Pomadoro that I had made too much of and froze. That was delicious, because the flavors had time to marry while they were in the freezer. We also had fried eggs and sausage patties. Yet another meal was simply cheese, crackers and fruit. My next hot meal was going to be chicken wings on the grill, but we went to Taco Bell instead. Then that afternoon the power came back on. We ended up baking the chicken wings, and DH thought that was a much easier way to cook them than what we usually do: deep fry. But deep frying the wings has a much better texture and flavor IMO.

The moral of the story is that you might think you can’t cook in your dark kitchen, but you really can. The thing you can’t do is the dishes, so I recommend buying lots of paper products and plastic flatware.