Cooking During A Power Outage

Our part of the country had some great storms, one of which resulted in three days of no power for us. That also means no water, btw. Which sucks. But I digress. With a lighter and a gas stove, I can still cook. And with food thawing by the minute in the freezer, I have the wherewithal too. Our first meal was some leftover Chicken Pomadoro that I had made too much of and froze. That was delicious, because the flavors had time to marry while they were in the freezer. We also had fried eggs and sausage patties. Yet another meal was simply cheese, crackers and fruit. My next hot meal was going to be chicken wings on the grill, but we went to Taco Bell instead. Then that afternoon the power came back on. We ended up baking the chicken wings, and DH thought that was a much easier way to cook them than what we usually do: deep fry. But deep frying the wings has a much better texture and flavor IMO.

The moral of the story is that you might think you can’t cook in your dark kitchen, but you really can. The thing you can’t do is the dishes, so I recommend buying lots of paper products and plastic flatware.

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