Spinach Stuffed Rigatoni, Pierogis and Tomatoes

Dale accused me of becoming a Vegan, just because we had a meatless meal. If you know me, you know I love my steak too much to become a vegetarian, let alone a Vegan…I also love eggs and cheese and yogurt et cetera. Anyway, I raided the freezer for dinner last night. Frozen stuffed pastas are wonderful to fix, because they only take a few minutes to cook, and dinner is ready.

Pasta tossed in a tasty olive oil and Italian seasoning mix.

Aldi had this in their freezer section: Spinach and Ricotta stuffed Rigatoni noodles, which were Spinach rigatoni. So, they were a beautiful green color, and the insides were a tasty cheesy mix with Spinach. DH said he couldn’t even taste the spinach, it was so good. ha ha.

And because I wasn’t sure if there would be enough rigatoni for everybody, I added the Pierogis to the boiling water as well. So the meal was colorful and filling. I added the sliced tomatoes for a splash of color. Observe.


3 thoughts on “Spinach Stuffed Rigatoni, Pierogis and Tomatoes

  1. That looks super yummy! Where on earth did you get such GORGEOUS tomatoes??? Did you grow them yourself? Our tomatoes this year are sickly because of all this danged heat and no rain, even with watering them so carefully. I’m jealous! 😀

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