Nu Way to Eat

What I really wanted was chicken on the grill, but I was hungry, and I confess to being an ignoramus when it comes to charcoal. So rather than wait for DH to come home and flutter my eyelashes at him to start the grill, I put the fresh chicken breasts on the Nuwave oven rack. I’ve posted about the Nuwave before. Tonight, I accidentally spilled too much lemon-pepper seasoning on the chicken. No matter; I sliced a bunch of zucchini and a sweet potato and piled them under the chicken to cook. Then I boiled corn on the cob. Mmm-mm. I am so good! The food was great. DH raved about the seasoning, and I told him I spilled it. He said he guesses he likes a lot of lemon-pepper. It was filling. I was feeling guilty about having two helpings, then later I realized…it was all vegetables and some lean chicken…so what! If I had to worry about my sodium or blood pressure, sure, but since I don’t, it was lovely. We went to the grocery today, and for less than 100 bucks I came home with fresh poultry, fresh beef, peaches, plums, strawberries, grapes, cabbage, zucchini, sweet potatoes, celery, bread, honey, chocolate chips (MUST have in my pantry) and cereal and milk. I was feeling pretty awesome about my cart contents. Have you ever been smug at the grocery? You know, peek in other people’s carts and think, “My word, somebody must be going on a bender this weekend,” or “No wonder 75% of American kids are obese with Doritos, Pepsi and Twinkies in that cart” and so on. The worst is when someone else has a way healthier cart than you. Celery, peppers, broccoli, apples, a baguette, skim milk or worse, soy milk. Then you just want to make excuses and get in another shopping lane. “Don’t look at my food. These candy bars are for someone else. I know I have a big butt, don’t judge my choice in packaged cookies et cetera” It’s best not to judge, lest you get judged. You never know when you have to do the shopping for the PTO’s bake sale or something. For now, I am pleased with our healthy choices. Tune in in about four days when all the fruit is gone and I’m out of supper ideas. I’m sure I’ll have some choice things to write then.

One thought on “Nu Way to Eat

  1. Guilty as charged. I admit it, I look in other peoples carts. I can’t help myself. I find that people who shop at my over priced Marsh make better choices than the shoppers at Wal-Mart. Do I need professional help? RR!!

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