My Out of Dinner Experience

So, I’m recovering from GB surgery; it’s great fun. A shout-out to my two visiting teachers who have brought meals to my starving family. Sister R brought three, count them, three Papa Murphy’s pizzas and a huge tray of fresh fruit. We’ll  be swimming in pizza for days, which is a wonderful thing. Tonight, Sister H brought Enchiladas, rolls, salad, watermelon. I wanted to share my Out of Dinner experience with you.

I’m recuperating upstairs, and the sound carries pretty well from the kitchen to my room, hard-wood floors you know, and I just lay up here and listened. I heard happiness, chit-chat, murmuring, the mingling of my man-boys deep voices with the lighter lilt of my girls’ voices. I heard dishes passing and silverware clinking. It was lovely. I love my little family, (okay, five kids might not be considered little to some of you). It just made me happy to hear everyone sitting down to eat together. Then I got really happy when E brought me a plate of Enchilada, roll and watermelon. YUM. Note to self; get recipe for enchiladas from Sister H. So that’s my religious experience for the day. Love.

4 thoughts on “My Out of Dinner Experience

  1. Hope your recovery goes well. Darn GB’s. You just can’t trust ’em. My wife had her’s go out at 37 years.

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