A Review of the Food in “Amelie”

Yes, it’s a French film. No I’m not a devotee of French, or even foreign films for that matter. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s talk about the food in Amelie. The scene that will not leave my head is her plate of what appears to be macaroni, and she has just hand-shredded a bunch of parmesan on it. Oh please can I have some? Pretty please?

The fresh produce, the fresh bread, even all of the cigarettes look tasty. This is a problem, because I know for a fact that cigarettes are not tasty. I tried a bowl full of ashes when I was little, so I know whereof I speak. Hey, I just figured out why I enjoy most any food. Anyways, the French make drinking coffee and port and brandy look so trendy, don’t they? I just got thirsty for juice, thankfully.

Part of my problem could be the fact that I don’t know what I’m going to be able to eat. You can only stand so much applesauce and Ramen noodles. Back to the food in the film. There is a scene where there is a shot of this sandwich; I don’t know what’s in the middle of the sandwich, but they’re broiling it over an open flame, and there are two fried eggs on top of it. The eggs appear to be sunny-side up, and the edges are cooking up so nice; there might even be some cheese on that sandwich. Yummy. Well, I can’t think of any other specific shots of food, which makes this a lame post, but I’m hungry and scared of eating at the same time. Watching other people eat is safe though. Besides the obvious, (Julie and Julia) what are some other movies that portray food in a positive light?

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