Eating Out

I recently had the pleasure of dining out with friends. We got to eat at Olive Garden one night, the cafe at the Art Institute of Chicago, and P.F. Changs.

The fun thing about these meals was that I didn’t have to pay for them! I wasn’t just mooching, one of the friends’ husband had saved up and planned for it. Anyway, here is a little review of the meals.

Olive Garden:

Waters with lemon

Bruschetta with marinara


Sampler platter with calamari, stuffed mushrooms et cetera

Capellini Pomodoro

The appetizers were yummy. I wasn’t in a bread mood, so the bruschetta was just okay, same with the marinara. The mussels were outstanding. I possibly ate more than my share. The calamari was also crispy and hot, and the stuffed mushrooms were also quite good. They were a little different than my own recipe which I tend to be partial to, but still very good. There were some other items on the sampler, but I can’t remember what they were. Maybe that should tell you something. The capellini pomodoro was very tasty, though I was disappointed that the pasta didn’t look like little hats. This is how good the pasta was…I ate it cold for breakfast the next day and it was delicious.

Cafe at the Art Institute

Trendy decor, lots of a la carte choices, beverages outrageously priced. I had a Southwestern Wrap. It was okay. It ranked about the same as the wrap I had at the IKEA cafe. Maybe they shop at the same distribution center. What made this meal great was the company.

P.F. Changs

Had a lot of fun at this restaurant. Lettuce wraps were very good, and I liked that he shared the recipe for the dipping sauce. (Soy sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar to taste). They served the food family style, so we all got to try lots of different things. The Mongolian Beef was my favorite, the PF Changs Spicy Chicken was also very good, the scallops in butter sauce were everyone’s least favorite, the noodles were yummy. I think being able to try all the different styles of food was the best. It made for an adventurous atmosphere. Trying new food is the safest way to sneak an adventure in if you’re not quite ready to try sky-diving.

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