Kentucky Fried Taco

Does anyone else find it just a little disconcerting to be able to go into a restaurant and order a seven-layer burrito with a side of coleslaw? Or a bucket of chicken and fiesta potatoes?

Our family was on vacay last weekend and stopped in at a familiar fast food place. I’ve seen the KFC Bells around, but mostly at Toll plazas. So this was the first time I ate in the place. I’m not knocking it! It’s just…unusually solicitous. Don’t feel like pseudo Mexican? That’s okay; we’ll get you some good old fashioned American food. Don’t want fried? How about a soft chicken taco from the fresca menu? I guess the word accommodating comes to mind. Kind of like the well-meaning younger cousin who would do anything to curry favor. It’s almost embarrassing. But hey, the family ate until full, and no one complained about the variety.

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