Chicken and Muenster Popovers

Easy and quick.

1 can large buttermilk biscuits (8)

1 can chicken breast chunks (reserve broth for gravy)

4 slices Muenster cheese

2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons flour

1/2 cup milk

instant mashed potatoes

All you have to do is press the biscuit dough down in the middle, put some chicken chunks in each, layer a piece of cheese, and fold the biscuit over, pinching edges to seal closed. For the record, it didn’t work at all, and the biscuits popped open while baking. But it didn’t affect their flavor. Then make a gravy: heat butter and flour on low heat until bubbly and thickening. Slowly add milk and the chicken broth. Whisk and heat until to desired thickness. Bake biscuits according to package directions.


Thank You Letter to the Ladies Who Made/Brought Food to A Funeral

My responsibility at my church allows me the occasional opportunity to serve families during funerals. I am happy to put the food out, keep refilling chip bowls and water pitchers, and make sure there are plenty of napkins and cups and so on. I spend a few hours on my feet, but it’s no great sacrifice. This is the letter I sent to the ladies who prepared food for this occasion.

Dearest Ladies, I know I don’t usually write to you this often, but I couldn’t go without saying thank you to all of you who brought or made food, brought ice or eating ware, or donated time to help for Brother H’s funeral.

There was plenty of food, and the family truly appreciated it. They were made very comfortable and ate their fill.  Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice) once said that “Poetry is the food of love.” I like to think that the Love of Food is Poetry. At any rate, if bringing food is a symbol of love, then you all love the H family to overflowing.

Thank you so much from all my heart.

Pres. Vicky

Most Blogworthy Restaurant Meal Ever

Our Other Mother gave DH a Houlihan’s gift card for a B-Day gift. (Thanks, Mom!) We went there tonight, and I rudely interrupted the waiter who was trying to tell us the drink specials. Hey, I didn’t want him to waste his breath or his time. Anyway, they have this nifty little menu called the Small Plate menu. They have these smaller versions of meals for a smaller price, with the intention that you get a few and share around, or not. I love the Pad Thai noodles with Tofu that you get at the Noodle Company, so when I saw the Thai noodles with napa cabbage and peanuts, I had to try that. And I also got the Grilled Shrimp Azteca. I told DH, there were some keywords that ensured I would order the shrimp: Grilled, guacamole, tamale. SOLD.

So, waiter brought my chopsticks and I took a huge bite of Thai noodles. AH! Cold! It probably mentioned that in the menu, but I missed it. Other than the temperature surprise, it was a pleasing dish, lightly seasoned and with great contrasting textures. Then I proceeded to the Grilled Shrimp Azteca. O. M. Gee.

I have to start a new paragraph for this dish. Three jumbo grilled shrimp served on a mound of spicy guacamole and a pico de gallo-type sauce on a little tamale cake presented on a dry corn husk and beautifully drizzled with a sweet and spicy red sauce and sour cream. The red sauce was reminiscent of Arby’s sauce, but with more kick to it, and anyway, I love Arby’s sauce, so that wasn’t a knock. I could not eat that food fast enough it was so good. And I should have savored it, I suppose, but it was so wonderful. Next time, I am ordering TWO Grilled Shrimp Aztecas.