Most Blogworthy Restaurant Meal Ever

Our Other Mother gave DH a Houlihan’s gift card for a B-Day gift. (Thanks, Mom!) We went there tonight, and I rudely interrupted the waiter who was trying to tell us the drink specials. Hey, I didn’t want him to waste his breath or his time. Anyway, they have this nifty little menu called the Small Plate menu. They have these smaller versions of meals for a smaller price, with the intention that you get a few and share around, or not. I love the Pad Thai noodles with Tofu that you get at the Noodle Company, so when I saw the Thai noodles with napa cabbage and peanuts, I had to try that. And I also got the Grilled Shrimp Azteca. I told DH, there were some keywords that ensured I would order the shrimp: Grilled, guacamole, tamale. SOLD.

So, waiter brought my chopsticks and I took a huge bite of Thai noodles. AH! Cold! It probably mentioned that in the menu, but I missed it. Other than the temperature surprise, it was a pleasing dish, lightly seasoned and with great contrasting textures. Then I proceeded to the Grilled Shrimp Azteca. O. M. Gee.

I have to start a new paragraph for this dish. Three jumbo grilled shrimp served on a mound of spicy guacamole and a pico de gallo-type sauce on a little tamale cake presented on a dry corn husk and beautifully drizzled with a sweet and spicy red sauce and sour cream. The red sauce was reminiscent of Arby’s sauce, but with more kick to it, and anyway, I love Arby’s sauce, so that wasn’t a knock. I could not eat that food fast enough it was so good. And I should have savored it, I suppose, but it was so wonderful. Next time, I am ordering TWO Grilled Shrimp Aztecas.

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