Food, Faithful Readers

So, uh, it has come to my attention that I’m fat.

Nobody said anything, of course. But I have some ‘fat’ pants, and my gut is hanging over the top of them. That is called ‘muffin top’, by the way. I picked up The Total Body Makeover by Bob Greene, and read it, and hemmed and hawed and procrastinated, and finally, signed a contract with myself. I started November 1st, because really, is there a better time to start depriving yourself of treats than right after Halloween and right before Thanksgiving?

I will be making healthier food choices. I have been exercising an hour a day. And I, uh, have also snuck some candy bars from my daughter’s stash. We’ll see what happens. I’ll be posting my progress.

Tonight’s dinner is ocean perch, salad and curly fries.

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