The Body MakeOver Update

I love how the home scale says one thing, and the doctor’s office scale another. For example, my home scale says I weigh 142, and the doctor’s office scale says 151. Nice.

I want to thank those who came up to me or otherwise told me that I am not fat. That is very kind. What I mean by fat is, I have reached the limit of how much I am going to allow myself to weigh. And I would also like to thank the person who asked me cheerfully if I was ‘gaining weight’ (wink wink!) thinking that maybe I was pregnant. I can’t think of a better way to motivate me to get my butt moving with regard to exercise.

So have you checked out “Calorie Counter”. It is a super easy tool online to use. You plug in the food you eat, it tracks your calories for you. Also, you can plug in your activities, and it will count what you’ve burned as well. Kind of cool. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Here is a rundown on some of the meals we’ve had since I started this program. Keep in mind that I am feeding six other people beside myself who don’t necessarily need to lose weight, with the possible exception of DH who has some cholesterol/blood pressure/sodium issues. FUN! We’ve had baked ocean perch seasoned with lemon pepper. Lots of romaine salad with French dressing. I didn’t buy the lowfat version. Having salad is the upgrade for us. Snacking on dried cranberries, cashews, E’s Halloween candy, carrots, cottage cheese, string cheese, garlic bread toasts with whipped chive cream cheese. Lots of high fiber breakfasts like steel cut oats, bran flakes, frosted shredded wheats, whole grain or multi grain toast. Turkey lunch meat. Jimmy Johns one night…that was thanks to DH, and I was completely fine with it. It was so stinkin’ good, in fact. I ate all the leftovers the next day for breakfast.

I am struggling with this feeling of always being hungry. I’m trying to pay attention to serving sizes according to the Nutrition Facts label, and the quality of the calories I’m eating, and honestly, I feel hungry most of the time. So, am I truly hungry, or just at a point where I have eaten past the full feeling for so many years that I think I’m not full, when I am. Oh, I am going to bump up my water intake too. I have a 32 oz water bottle, and it is almost half empty. I need to finish it and fill it again by the end of the day to get my water quota. This is hard; I’m not going to lie. I love food. I mean, duh. I don’t ‘mommy blog’ like other women, I write about FOOD. So I am also struggling with a feeling of deprivation. More on that later. I have made myself so hungry, and it is finally lunch time. Good choices! I can do it! Did I write before that one night I chose a milk instead of Coke at McDonalds? I know I have it within me to conquer myself.

4 thoughts on “The Body MakeOver Update

  1. awe, see, i wont even begin to tell you what i weigh, but considering our slight height difference, it may equal out.

    i stood on the scale for the first time in a long time yesterday, ugh. not good news. i think i have a thyroid problem, right?

    all your foods sound pretty good. oh and jimmy johns has a super awesome calorie counter thingy on their website, so you can customize your sandwich and really knock down the calories and up the veggies and do pretty good there.

    n.e.way, Im proud of you!!!!

  2. I continued to track my calories after getting to my target weight. I gained 5 pounds after that and sure enough the calorie surplus matched the gain.
    I struggle with hunger. The only way I don’t is if I run 50 or more miles per week. That’s about an hour a day. I still eat healthy, but at that point I’m always able to eat to satisfaction.

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one, and that it’s not just a woman thing either. Looks like maybe I’ll have to up my mileage if I want to eat until I feel full.

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