On the Upside

I realized I forgot to mention some of the good things going on with my 12 week plan.

When I started, my resting heart rate was 72. Not terrible, but now it is 66. Awesome. And I am using 5 lb weights in my strength training; I’ve graduated from the 3 lb weights.

Dinner tonight: Chicken strips ‘fried’ in cooking spray with rosemary, cumin, parsley and garlic powder seasoning. Potato pellets (YUM) and a lovely bean/carrot medley steamed. I HAD to make a gravy for “Tori” who loves her mashed potatoes and gravy. I used Smart Balance and Skim milk…honestly, I can’t believe it actually thickened up. It was too good, by the way. But I did not eat the rest of it with a spoon even though I thought about it.

A word about deprivation. I know I can deprive myself of overeating bad-for-me foods. How do I know this? Because I regularly deprive myself of doing things I love to do, like scrapbook, read or quilt. I’m going to start doing those things instead of eat.

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