The Strangest Thing

So I’ve been drinking my water.  I like to add lemons and keep it in the fridge. Last night I added a Lemon Zinger tea bag. Even without sweetener, it tastes really refreshing. But that’s not why I’m writing.

The power went out yesterday, and it was a busy day. I needed to prep two quilts for tying later that night, so I didn’t really have time for a power outage. As soon as it happened, (and I heard the transformer blow, so I figured it would take forever to get it back on) I packed up Farley and went shopping. I specifically looked for batteries, candles, that sort of thing. And since the power was going to be out when I got back home, I felt completely justified in stopping at Steak and Shake for lunch. Hey, I didn’t get Taco Bell the other day…I was easily seduced by the photograph of the Peppermint Chocolate Chip shake, and my favorite favorite thing to eat at Steak n Shake is the 5-Way Chili. A side of cheddar fries and I’m set for twenty minutes of gorging and moaning. I intended to share with Farley, thus reducing the overall calorie count.

And now we get to the strange thing. I had half the shake, and half the fries, and then I was full. I only had two bites of the chili, and I just couldn’t eat another bite. So I saved it for later (lunch today! I’m so excited!) Three weeks ago I would scarfed every morsel down, and probably would have made Farley a PB & J. So again, I think this is progress. Now, obviously I’m not touting milkshakes and fries as the lunch of champions…I just mean that I’m listening to my body when it says ‘full’ and not eating past that point just for the sheer pleasure of it.

I have been getting my photo taken at the beginning of each week by DH. So far, no visible change in my body makeover, other than my awesome Gun Show. I should get a shot of that, actually. But I have faith that there will be good changes by the end of the 12 weeks. At that point, I will unveil the before and after photos! I know you all can hardly wait.

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