Treadmill 1: V1ct0r1a 0

Whew. Treadmill kicked my butt today. And then my workout kicked my butt…the stretching and strength training I mean. At one point I felt like vomiting. That’s a good sign, right? So, I kept it down, and kept on working it. I guess this is what exercise is all about. And also not eating the entire can of macaroni and beef. Which I didn’t. Still drinking my water. Still trying to not eat after 8pm, but that is hard since I am exercising so much. I’m hungry at night!

Since this blog is SUPPOSED to be about food, I will pass along a great fast breakfast tip. Whisk an egg. Pour into a nice round bowl (as opposed to the trendy square ones) that has been sprayed with cooking oil. Nuke for 1 minute on about 70% power. If it’s a little uncooked in the middle, just zap it for another 10 seconds on full power. If you want, you can put some cheese on there. It should slide right out of the bowl onto your nicely toasted English muffin. Or plain toast if you’re out of muffins, which we are. Put your cooked sausage patty on there too. YUM. Fast and filling. I also had a bowl of grits to go along with it. Kind of a heavy calorie breakfast, but like I said, I was starving. And then I didn’t actually snack. Just had my one serving of Mac ‘n’ Beef and one serving of chocolate marshmallow matey’s cereal. What can I say? It sounded good, and I didn’t have it at breakfast. Not sure what we’re having for dinner tonight. Something that involves the already cooked 93/7 ground beef. Maybe a little Italian something? Except I don’t have any prepared marinara sauce. But I do have a lot of rice, soy sauce and a head of cabbage. Mmmm. Something shaping up that sounds Asian. Yes, that is the direction the meal is going. Happy eating.

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