I Bless the Rains of Africa

I don’t know if that is actually what TOTO is saying, but that’s what I hear. I kicked my treadmill’s butt today. All thanks to Pandora.

Plus I moved the treadmill from my cold dark and messy garage into my computer room where I can listen to music. Yay! What a difference it made in my workout today.

Most recent recipe that involved healthy ingredients for the most part. This is a kind of broccoli noodle casserole.

Two heads of broccoli cut up

1 box Fit and Active whole wheat rotini, cooked but not completely drained

1 cup of skim milk

2 cups of leftover Thanksgiving turkey

1/2 cup cheese powder (that’s all I know. I got it from my MIL, and it had no info on it whatsoever. sorry)

I mixed the broccoli, turkey and cheese powder together in a bowl. Then I added the mostly drained noodles. The milk and the water helped to dissolve the mystery cheese powder. I spread it in a casserole dish and then went to get shredded cheese to put on top. Oops, no cheese. Went the cupboard to get some dregs of a potato chip or tortilla chip bag. Oops, none of that either. Okay, so I put the last of the mixed nuts and cashews on top. YUMMY! It actually turned out really good, considering the nature of the ingredients. I really enjoyed seasoning it with the extra spicy Mrs. Dash.

I finally got a shot of my Gun Show, which as soon as I upload the photo to this computer, I will post for your enjoyment.

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