With a Little Help From A Friend

This morning’s workout was 29 minutes on the tread mill. We’re watching a girl who has Down Syndrome. Let’s call her Willmetta. I had 12 minutes to go, and she came down and asked ‘What doing?’

(Panting) “Walking.” Panting. “This is a tread mill.”

“Tread mill?”

Wilmetta watched for a while and then said, “Ready set go!” And she started counting as I walked, “One two three four five six seven eight”

It was so funny!

My Papa and Papa Vinos

Another blogworthy meal: I probably blogged about it last year too. I always get the Linguini Pescatore at Papa Vino’s, and the reason I always get it is because I always love it. My Papa and Other Mother treated us to dinner, DH and I, Sister Babs and her husband “Jack”. Here is what I did differently, tho, considering that I am trying to be more all around healthy.

I had half of the mushroom appetizer, half of a goat cheese appetizer and some salad with plenty of their tangy olives. Then I only ate half of the mussels/shrimp/linguini. Of course had water to drink. So, I was still quite full, probably could have eaten less of the entree, but it was so yummy.

Then I had half of my leftovers for lunch the next day. And then I had the rest of the leftovers as my last meal for the evening. So I got three great meals out of the one entree. I fantasized about getting it to go some time during the week every week, since i can stretch it out to three meals, probably four if I’m not so gluttonous. Sigh. It was a great meal and a great visit with family.

My Sister Loves Me

She watched Farley for me, and THEN she fed me when I came back. I believe she got the recipe from EMEALZ which I have told you about before. Toasted English muffins with chicken salad on them, topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh sliced tomato and shredded lettuce. I must mention that the chicken salad had chopped banana peppers in it. (Insert choir of angels singing here.) This was so delicious. If only I had my camera to record how beautiful they looked. But when I post a photo of my beer belly, you’ll see the effect they had on me. Thank you Babs!!!

Morning Walk

Doesn’t that phrase elicit thoughts of a cool autumn morning, the sun breaking over the tall oak trees and school buses stopping in the neighborhood with their blinking lights? So pleasant. No. I got kids two and three off to school with their dad, and had thirty minutes before kid number four needed to be up. I decided to do the treadmill in jeans so as not to waste time going upstairs to change into my workout clothes. Seriously, I just wanted to get it over with. So I huffed and puffed my way through 27 minutes of grueling uphill trudging. It’s dark outside at this time, so there is no nature-loving going on. I put my Pandora radio station on and sweated to Coldplay, U2, AHa and Steve Winwood. It was hard work. I sweated. I panted. I felt every muscle in my well-toned legs ache and complain. My hands sweat so much they were slipping off the handles. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike exercise? But when my online stopwatch reached 27 minutes, I about jumped off. I did it! And I was done with my exercise for the day, and ‘Tori’ wasn’t even at school yet! This was a pretty major accomplishment for me. We’ll see if I’m able to duplicate this during Winter Break when all of my little cherubs are at home. BTW, STILL haven’t found my camera. This is a problem.

Just Dance and Smooth Criminal

After skipping several songs on Pandora, Lady Gaga gave me just what I needed. It may have also helped to burn fat recalling that she once wore an outfit made out of raw meat to an award ceremony. How about Lady Gag. Anyway, Michael Jackson brought me home in a sweat. “Vicky is you okay, are you okay Vicky?” Whew. There is a reason it is called ‘WORKing out’. I’m going to drink water. I can’t find my camera, so I haven’t gotten to take my post 6 week photo yet. I’ve got to see some progress somewhere, so I can give you before and after photos. Right now, they all look like before shots.

Police Kicked My Butt

Actually I started walking to U2’s “I Will Follow’ which has a rockin’ running pace. It was pretty much downhill from there. This is the beginning of my 7th week. Glen will take my photo again tonight, and I will weigh myself. I’m sure that once again the scale will say 145, just as it has for the last six weeks. It would seem that I’m not losing any weight. Okay fine, but come on, scale, you gotta throw me a bone here. I took my measurements, and I did lose two inches. Not around my waist, which is where I would really love to lose two inches, but around my hips. So funny. That doesn’t actually help me, because today’s trend in jeans is the low-rise. So that gives my muffin top plenty of room to hang over my belt and give me the appearance of a beer-swilling red neck. Lovely look. I closed out my walk to Synchronicity. Huffing and puffing. I think today’s workout was so hard because I got a chest cold last week and instead of missing one day of exercise, I missed two days.


I’m certain I’ve related to you that a lot of my temptation regarding eating involves picking up fast food while I’m out. The second tier of temptation is portion size.

I have to complain for a second about the hotness of pizza. You have to eat pizza hot; you just can’t duplicate that texture when you reheat it. So yes, I had a heck of a lot of pizza for lunch because I knew it wouldn’t taste that good later. BTW, it was homemade. 99 cent pizza crust from Aldi, 25 cent can of tomato sauce and half of a bar of mozzerella (2.00 for the bar?) And of course, when I make pizza at home, I mince fresh onion and put it all over the sauce before I put the shredded cheese on it. It was so good, so yummy and melty and saucy. It’s gone, okay? I ate the whole dang thing except for the few pieces that Farley ate. Don’t judge me.

Gun Show

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! You will get an exclusive peak at my 5 week Gun Show. Today is Day One of Week Six. The photo is from Day 7 Week 4.

Float like a dragonfly, sting like a diaper rash

I see some progress, and the exciting thing is that I think I’ve only ever done about six weeks at any given time of an exercise regimen. Considering this is only half-way through, I have a lot more work to do, and I hope to see a very big change. Very exciting stuff. My resting heart rate is still 66. Just for fun, I decided to take my ‘maximum’ heart rate, but I don’t know that it means anything. So at the peak intensity of my workout, my heart gets up to 260 bpm. Ouch.

Since this is supposed to be a food blog, I will throw you a bone.

African Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup

1 big can of sweet potatoes

1 regular can diced tomatoes, no need to drain

1 onion

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp minced ginger root


2 chicken bouillon cubes

Saute the onions in vegetable oil until nice and browned; they said about ten minutes. Then add all the other ingredients and bring to a boil. You’ll need to add water for the bouillon cubes. Simmer for thirty minutes and puree the soup in a processor. Add 2 T smooth peanut butter right before serving. We ate it with cornbread….oh em gee. My friend made the cornbread using half corn muffin mix half yellow cake. And I wonder why I can’t get rid of the belly fat.