Police Kicked My Butt

Actually I started walking to U2’s “I Will Follow’ which has a rockin’ running pace. It was pretty much downhill from there. This is the beginning of my 7th week. Glen will take my photo again tonight, and I will weigh myself. I’m sure that once again the scale will say 145, just as it has for the last six weeks. It would seem that I’m not losing any weight. Okay fine, but come on, scale, you gotta throw me a bone here. I took my measurements, and I did lose two inches. Not around my waist, which is where I would really love to lose two inches, but around my hips. So funny. That doesn’t actually help me, because today’s trend in jeans is the low-rise. So that gives my muffin top plenty of room to hang over my belt and give me the appearance of a beer-swilling red neck. Lovely look. I closed out my walk to Synchronicity. Huffing and puffing. I think today’s workout was so hard because I got a chest cold last week and instead of missing one day of exercise, I missed two days.

One thought on “Police Kicked My Butt

  1. I have similar complaints when it comes to working out and weight loss. I can tell I’m a little thinner (barely), my clothes fit (a little) better but the scale keeps showing the same darn numbers. Just know that you are also gaining/building muscle while you loose fat. And muscle weighs a lot more than fat does. This could be the reason the scale may stay the same. Don’t get frustrated. Keep going. You’re doing great!

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