Just Dance and Smooth Criminal

After skipping several songs on Pandora, Lady Gaga gave me just what I needed. It may have also helped to burn fat recalling that she once wore an outfit made out of raw meat to an award ceremony. How about Lady Gag. Anyway, Michael Jackson brought me home in a sweat. “Vicky is you okay, are you okay Vicky?” Whew. There is a reason it is called ‘WORKing out’. I’m going to drink water. I can’t find my camera, so I haven’t gotten to take my post 6 week photo yet. I’ve got to see some progress somewhere, so I can give you before and after photos. Right now, they all look like before shots.

2 thoughts on “Just Dance and Smooth Criminal

  1. I am dropping by to say HI! I am a blog friend of Becca’s and she told me I might enjoy your blog journey. I am gonna put you on my Blogroll. I have two blogs and one is my weight loss journey blog. Maybe we can help one another out!!!


  2. I had heart failure for a second because I thought you were literally going to ‘drop by’ at my house. One of the kids was throwing up and I’m cleaning out my bedroom closet, so the whole house (except for my closet) is a disaster area. Whew. Feel free to drop in virtually anytime. My blog is always tidy.

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