Morning Walk

Doesn’t that phrase elicit thoughts of a cool autumn morning, the sun breaking over the tall oak trees and school buses stopping in the neighborhood with their blinking lights? So pleasant. No. I got kids two and three off to school with their dad, and had thirty minutes before kid number four needed to be up. I decided to do the treadmill in jeans so as not to waste time going upstairs to change into my workout clothes. Seriously, I just wanted to get it over with. So I huffed and puffed my way through 27 minutes of grueling uphill trudging. It’s dark outside at this time, so there is no nature-loving going on. I put my Pandora radio station on and sweated to Coldplay, U2, AHa and Steve Winwood. It was hard work. I sweated. I panted. I felt every muscle in my well-toned legs ache and complain. My hands sweat so much they were slipping off the handles. Have I mentioned before how much I dislike exercise? But when my online stopwatch reached 27 minutes, I about jumped off. I did it! And I was done with my exercise for the day, and ‘Tori’ wasn’t even at school yet! This was a pretty major accomplishment for me. We’ll see if I’m able to duplicate this during Winter Break when all of my little cherubs are at home. BTW, STILL haven’t found my camera. This is a problem.

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