My Papa and Papa Vinos

Another blogworthy meal: I probably blogged about it last year too. I always get the Linguini Pescatore at Papa Vino’s, and the reason I always get it is because I always love it. My Papa and Other Mother treated us to dinner, DH and I, Sister Babs and her husband “Jack”. Here is what I did differently, tho, considering that I am trying to be more all around healthy.

I had half of the mushroom appetizer, half of a goat cheese appetizer and some salad with plenty of their tangy olives. Then I only ate half of the mussels/shrimp/linguini. Of course had water to drink. So, I was still quite full, probably could have eaten less of the entree, but it was so yummy.

Then I had half of my leftovers for lunch the next day. And then I had the rest of the leftovers as my last meal for the evening. So I got three great meals out of the one entree. I fantasized about getting it to go some time during the week every week, since i can stretch it out to three meals, probably four if I’m not so gluttonous. Sigh. It was a great meal and a great visit with family.

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