What’s 4 Breakfast?

I finally see why there is a connection between exercising and eating ‘right’. When I started on this journey of exercise, I told myself I wasn’t going to mess with ‘dieting’ and so on. I LOVE food, and don’t want to deprive myself of anything edible and tasty. But the harder I work on the treadmill, the less I want to eat high-fat foods, because it seems like a waste of my exercise time. Why go to all that trouble if I’m going to ruin the effect in one fell swoop?

It’s still hard for me to go without things, and usually I don’t. But I had an interesting experience last night before dinner. I, along with Farley and Tori, was famished. We raided the cereal cupboard (which also houses all the chips) and the fridge in search of a great snack. I loaded up on red-hot potato chips, then cauliflower, then rice cakes…it was never ending. Then forty minutes later I had some serious bloating issues. I really sensed it was the salt-laden chips more than anything. In the midst of that discomfort, I was asking myself, was it worth it? It sure didn’t feel like it at the time. So anyway, I’m thinking harder about my food choices this morning.

I put one cup of fat-free vanilla yogurt and 2 cups of frozen mixed fruit in the blender. Juice would have been a great thing to add, but I didn’t have any, so I put in about 1/4 cup of skim milk instead. Whirred it all, and we had this delicious smoothie. It was really too thick to drink at first, but hey, it worked great with a spoon. I know me, and this wasn’t going to cut it for my entire breakfast, so I also toasted two mini whole-wheat bagels and put the lower fat cream cheese on them, no margarine. At this point, I feel pretty satisfied. I am going to attempt to eat six small meals today instead of my usual three big ones.

Farley liked the smoothie a lot.

2 thoughts on “What’s 4 Breakfast?

  1. He looks so different! So grown up! Wow. Adorable. Sorry, I should be posting about the food stuffs, but usually, I’m just gushing over how cute all of your kids are.

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