Death to Cupcake Images

I just have a little pet peeve that I wanted to vent about.  Photographic images of cupcakes drive me wild. I can almost taste the soft icing bubbling up over my top lip as my teeth bite into the cakey bottom part. Pictures of cupcakes make me insane for a cupcake. Now, I haven’t gone as far as driving somewhere to get one, or even whipping up a batch. (I really don’t enjoy baking. At all.) So instead, I feel like an addict going through rehab. I get the shakes. I sweat. My mouth waters. I daydream, but it just IS NOT THE SAME. So I wanted to return the favor, and put a lovely cupcake photo on here. Is it just me?

Thanks to the Bridal Bubbly blog for the photo. She is a fantastic writer, so you  should check her blog out too. Even if you’re not interested in bridal junk, which I’m not.

Enjoy this photo. It’s another case of where neither a thousand words nor a photo is worth anything. Just send me the darn cupcake already.

4 thoughts on “Death to Cupcake Images

  1. My boss recently had to return a few trays that were used by our office for our Christmas party to a bakery. They are known for their cupcakes. We all put in our order for a special cupcake. My choice chocolate cake chocolate frosting. I ate every bite and I did not feel guilty at all, maybe I should have. It was super yummy!!! I would do it again………….I say “No death to cupcakes” RR!!!

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