The Spotlight is on me. In frightening detail. First of all, the link is to a youtube music video of Mute Math singing Spotlight. This song ROCKS and KILLS at the same time. Try not to move to the beat. Impossible. I have to type to the beat or bop my head or something. Now, try running to it. Without stopping. WHAT A WORKOUT! My hands are still shaking from my treadmill walk/run. Whew.

I finally decided to do it. I’m going to publish photos from the first twelve weeks of body shots. It’s scary. This isn’t for those seeking shots of prurient interest. This is a body sculpting exercise, and I’m still in the stage where the clay is kind of a lumpy mess on the wheel. And I’m okay with that. Please don’t judge too harshly. Or in fact, how about don’t judge at all? Hee Hee. I realize I need this photographic record of my attempt so that I don’t lose momentum. I started my second Twelve Weeks last week. It has been an uphill battle to get moving. Songs like Spotlight really help. And trying to see a difference in photos helps a little too. So I had to dink around with the order. The first one is actually the last one.

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