Shin Splints, Discouragement, Bob Greene and Hostess Donettes

That pretty much sums it all up for me. I had started another round of “Total Body Makeover” and ended up getting really sick for a week. It threw me off my schedule. I tried to get back into it, but it got easier and easier to skip a day here and there, and I ended up only walking/running three times a week. It is just not enough, and my eating habits got bad again, and here I am back up to 145. My beautiful guns have lost their definition, and I had, like, five powdered donettes today. Somebody just shoot me already! Okay, so I typed up ANOTHER contract with myself. Signed it. Decided to walk on the treadmill for fifteen minutes. Keep in mind that I have been walking two miles and running two miles about every third day. Could someone please tell me why fifteen minutes on my rinky-dink treadmill had me winded and huffing like the Big Bad Wolf? What gives? The only benefit is that shin splints don’t bother me on the treadmill. I think it has something to do with the incline, which is also probably why I felt so winded…my walking trail is all flat. So here I am again, going to try and try. I don’t know that I have a body weight goal; I just don’t feel good right now, and I was feeling pretty good before. I mean, it would be nice to go down a dress size. That would be really cool. Wish me luck; I’m going to need it. Also thinking about the Sunburst in just a few short weeks. In a perfect world, I would like to finish the 5K in 31 minutes. But that would require some significant healing in my little shin splint problem. So there are my goals…down a dress size and a 31 minute 5K. Before you get all doubtful on me, you must know that I was running seven minute miles before the shin splints.

This is what the treadmill felt like today. Nice.

Is it Spring Yet?

I’m embracing the 40 degree weather, because it is great for running outside. Or should I say walking/skipping/limping…got shin splints really bad a few weeks ago. But I got me some Brooks and Dun….Brooks running shoes so now we’re in Dun territory…they helped a lot. I’m working my way back up to three laps with no pain. I can do almost one lap with no pain. Lots of stretching, start out on the treadmill or start out walking. Yesterday I burned it up on the way up the hill to my house. Neighbor’s dog Petey wanted to join me, but she held him back. Good thing or I would have tripped over him. As it was, I was about to pee my pants with my sprint. Darn incontinence! It does feel good to get moving. I much prefer running outside to the treadmill inside. I signed up for Sunburst in June, so I have to heal my shins!

Unrelated question: What kind of workout is skipping? ‘Cause I can skip ’til the cows come home without pain. It might look silly for a 38 year old, but it really got my heart rate up.

And finally, LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE this video/song by Mindy Gledhill. I even bought it twice. Enjoy.