Is it Spring Yet?

I’m embracing the 40 degree weather, because it is great for running outside. Or should I say walking/skipping/limping…got shin splints really bad a few weeks ago. But I got me some Brooks and Dun….Brooks running shoes so now we’re in Dun territory…they helped a lot. I’m working my way back up to three laps with no pain. I can do almost one lap with no pain. Lots of stretching, start out on the treadmill or start out walking. Yesterday I burned it up on the way up the hill to my house. Neighbor’s dog Petey wanted to join me, but she held him back. Good thing or I would have tripped over him. As it was, I was about to pee my pants with my sprint. Darn incontinence! It does feel good to get moving. I much prefer running outside to the treadmill inside. I signed up for Sunburst in June, so I have to heal my shins!

Unrelated question: What kind of workout is skipping? ‘Cause I can skip ’til the cows come home without pain. It might look silly for a 38 year old, but it really got my heart rate up.

And finally, LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE this video/song by Mindy Gledhill. I even bought it twice. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Is it Spring Yet?

  1. Hi, Thanks for the nicest comment on my blog. That was really made my day. I love that song too…I have plans to use it my next video of my daughter progress in walking. I\

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