EZ Walk Button

I may have discovered the secret to a good run with no shin splint pain. It does involve the treadmill, but not in the way you might think. I walked with only two bursts of sprinting on the treadmill for fifteen minutes. Then I went outside, (50 degrees is really a lovely running temperature) and walked one lap (.7 of a mile). Then I put on “Blow Me Away” by Breaking Benjamin. Finished another lap in 3:23, rested for a minute, and ran one more. Both of my running laps were pain-free! So I came home and walked some more on the treadmill to cool down. I plan on stretching more after this post to prevent a backslide. I can’t tell you what a great relief it is to run without pain. It gives me hope that I just might achieve my goal of the 31 minute 5K. I really like the lyrics to Blow Me Away. It’s on the soundtrack for Halo 2. It’s kind of a warrior anthem, if you will. A great theme to run to, “Only the strongest will survive…” “Fire your guns; it’s time to run” and so on. Go!

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