A Whole Lotta Wheat

So if you listen to Glenn Beck at all, you hear almost every day that the world is most likely going to end, or at least, get so bad that you really should have food storage. Food storage has been a part of our married lives for almost 18 years, but really amped up when we bought this awesome huge house with so much room for storage. And then as the economy has continued to take a nose dive and gas prices have risen, we’ve gotten even more serious about it. There are so many wonderful resources out there involving food storage. Here are some links just for example: Emergency Essentials, ProvidentLiving, Shelf Reliance, and my favorite SHTF Blogger, Living Prepared.

But that is not why I am writing today. I have a lot of wheat (hard red) that at least for a while, I am not going to be able to eat. Without being too descriptive, I have had to take some ingredients out of my diet, and wheat is one of them. Imagine your food storage without grains or pastas. Yeah. But I am hopeful that after some professional consulting and good old fashioned TIME, I will be able to get back to eating wheat, and anything that was at one time wheat, (such as refined white flour.) Boy do I miss my delicious wheat pizza dough, famous dinner rolls and Hostess. But on the bright side, I’m putting the garden in, and I can eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as I want, as well as dairy and meats. (Thank the Lord.) And of course my family can eat all the Ramen noodles and pasta and wheat products they want. It just makes me really glad that I ended up not buying the wheat grinder just yet.

2 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Wheat

  1. How sad. 😦 However, can you have ANY grains? Like rice? Or barley? Most wheat grinders can grind those as well, and there are some great recipes for breads that use no wheat. Let me know, I’ll help you out!

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