Sunburst or Bust!

Tonight’s run was HELL! And it was FUN! For any of you who are contemplating running as a new hobby or form of exercise, I highly recommend not it. Just sayin’.

BTW, I have been doing some of the shin splint exercises that faithful readers have recommended, but not as regularly as I need to. Guess I better get on that, huh?

I’m not confident it’s shin splints, because the muscles directly over my shinbone don’t hurt. Now it is the muscle just adjacent to my shin bones. I know you all are so thrilled by my constant complaining, which is why I do it. Have to please the reader, you know. Besides the pain, which on a scale of 1 to 10 was a 5/6, the weather was so awesome. I get the biggest thrill out of seeing the little bunnies in people’s lawns, all the different birds, the wind blowing the trees, the blue sky, an Allegiant airliner going down for a landing et cetera. And of course none of this would happen without my faithful tunes. Tonight’s run was accompanied by the Halo Theme, Earth City, Spotlight of course (can’t have a run without that), I Caught Myself, End of the World and probably some others that I have forgotten. I am trying to decide what to put on my MP3 for Saturday’s Sunburst. I have my standbys, but I need to have the perfect order. Certain music has the ability to give me a nitrous boost. That’s what I want to have playing on the last stretch. Here’s some photographic evidence of my exertion.

If I were you, I’d take up underwater basket weaving.

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