Pat a Pat a Pancakes

I bought a bag of rice flour to experiment with for baking. I made a loaf of bread in my bread machine using the rice flour in substitute of white flour cup for cup. It wasn’t until after I checked the machine during the knead cycle that I realized I ought to Google this particular substitute. I dinked around with the ‘dough’ in the machine by adding more water and some garbanzo bean flour as well until it at least had a batter consistency. The bread actually bound itself and baked. The loaf was crumbly, but not so much that you couldn’t slice it and spread mayo on it. I had been craving a ham sandwich! It was good and surprisingly filling.

If I could find my camera, I would love to photograph the rice flour pancakes I made this morning. I also experimented with cocoa for the kids’ white flour pancakes. FUN! The thing about the rice flour pancakes is I filled up after two cakes. What’s the deal? I like to put away at least four. There was a slight difference in flavor. The rice flour bread and pancakes end up being slightly mealy, but it’s not unlike the texture of corn meal which I like. I gotta find my stinkin’ camera…Okay found it. The first picture is the rice pancakes. Perfectly delish.

These are the kids' cocoa pancakes.


When Life Hands You a Lemon

I know I have mentioned one of my favorite meals, tuna on salad. At least, if I haven’t, I should have. Since I can’t eat bread without major consequences, I have resorted to tuna on salad greens. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and voila! I don’t bother with low-fat mayo, I use the whole hog fattiest fat kind. Delish. I put a generous dollop of mustard and if I’m in the mood, I’ll put a little dab of relish as well. Today I was moaning with delight at my delicious salad, when I got really thirsty. I’m much more likely to drink water if I have slices of lemon in it. I’m slicing my lemon for the water, and I’m thinking, I love lemons. Lemon and fish. Lemon and tuna. DUH! I used my final slice of lemon to generously squirt all over my tuna and salad. What does Emeril say? BAM! Kicked it up a notch. I already love my salad, but with the lemon juice, it was even better. So, when life hands you a lemon, I say garnish your salad with it. Love, Me

Hot Hot Heat and Good Friends

“Hot enough fer ya?” My favorite Far Side comic of all time is the Nerd in Hell who pulls his hands away from the plate at the dinner table and says, “Wow! These plates are hot!” (He’s in Hell for goodness’ sake!) Ahhh sigh. Love it. So my original meal plan for the evening was Buffalo Wings and Celery with Blue Cheese dressing, or Ranch. It’s a family favorite; we fix plenty of barbecue flavor as well for the little ones. But with outside temps approaching 95, nobody wanted to cook. Salad night! How convenient that we had leftover barbecue chicken from our International Incident BBQ. Diced it, along with a tomato and an avocado, busted open the bagged salad, and a filling dinner was served with minimal effort. We started buying bulk paper plates too, so clean-up is no big deal.

And I just had to mention my uplifting thought of the day: I had a friend over today who said, “How much weight have you lost? You look great! I didn’t want to say anything almost, because it’s not like you needed to lose weight before…” ┬áThat really brightened my day. Thanks TM! Makes me want to keep on keepin’ on. But not outdoors. Definitely a treadmill day.

The International Language of Basketball

You may recall my post of 2009 (Christmas time?) called the International Language of Chocolate. This is a related event. My family had the opportunity to have a sleepover with a young man from China. He and “Dale” are basketball buddies, and he came over to spend the night. I’m kind of a pushy lady, so when they started hinting around that they were bored, I quickly announced that I had something I wanted our friend, let’s call him Harry, to do. I pulled up a giant map of China on our TV screen (remember, DH is a computer guru) and Harry obligingly gave us a great history/climatology/geography lesson on China. It was a neat visit. We fixed burgers/chicken/hot dogs on the grill, and can I just tell you how gratifying it is to see a growing boy chow down on some serious grub. I thought Dale ate a lot.

The next morning I drove him to the bus shuttle. He was so appreciative. Before we left in the morning, I decided to pack him a little lunch/breakfast. I don’t know what his fare is like back home, but I do know that bananas and PB&J travel well. I also slipped a string cheese in there…hopefully he got to it before it became unappetizing. There is something very gratifying about feeding people. Even if it is just a simple sandwich and a piece of fruit.

I think I have evasively mentioned my dietary troubles. To be a little more specific, I have achieved relief by taking whole grains out of my diet. This is depressing to someone who used to read cookbooks and cooking magazines for fun. But after feeding Harry, I realized that I can still derive joy from plying other people with the foods that I once enjoyed. I think I am going to pull out my favorite cooking magazine again, and start playing with the ingredients in my house that have been untouched for a couple months. I will fatten up my family members with great pleasure. I should mention that I am extremely grateful that I can eat veggies/fruits, meats and dairy with no trouble. Gardening season is upon us, and I see gazpacho in my near future.

And the Winner Is…

Know what? I had a great run. Even if all of the planets had aligned, and my time was still 32:20, I would have a had a great run. But here is the rest of the story:

As I’m sure most runners experienced, I didn’t sleep a wink Friday night. Also, ended up with a ‘dehydrating’ health problem in the wee hours of the morning that lasted for two hours. I forgot to take ibuprofen like I had planned, and didn’t drink nearly enough water before I left for the race, because, I um, have a nervous bladder before running events. We won’t even talk about the thyroid problems and food intolerance issues that prevent me from eating lots of runners’ specialties such as pasta, pasta and more pasta.

A shout-out goes to my partner in crime who drove me to the race and was a great inspiration to me, before and after! (But not during, because she is awesome and finished way ahead of me!) Thanks E.W! (Her time was 25:15!!)

So we got to the start line, and the only other 5K I have done had lots of portable potties nearby for the runners like me. Not this 5K. Oh dear. And in the relative heat of the morning and after our light jog to the start, I was parched. And there was no water anywhere to be seen. Oh dear. So I had some mental battles to fight as my physical body began to complain loudly that there were some issues that needed to be dealt with-right now! Then it was time to start running!

By the end of the first mile I cracked the whip and told my body who’s boss. And the water cups at that point were extremely welcome. I found a lady whose pace I thought looked sure and steady. She didn’t seem to mind if folks passed her and she ran like a clock…steady and strong. So I followed her almost the whole way. It was a crowded race, IMHO, with many episodes of elbow bumping. But I followed my muse in the pink racerback top and kept on truckin’. I was able to pull out the stops in the last fifty feet, but should have started earlier! I had a satisfying finish and didn’t knock the little girl down who kind of stopped right at the finish line almost in front of me. Sorry honey!

Strangely, my sh*n splints didn’t bother me hardly at all the whole way. In the end, I would say it was a good run. I suppose I won’t quit running after all. But I look forward to getting some medical advice about my up and coming issues that may actually improve my running experience. I think there is an Autism Awareness run coming up in July that I might stretch my wings for. We’ll see.